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Why Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment is Essential

Fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers and alarms are designed to save lives, so it’s important to make sure that they are serviced regularly. You need fire fighting equipment and alarm systems to be ready and working order to avoid disaster should a fire start in your premises.

Advice on Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Annual maintenance of fire extinguishers should begin from the date of installation, a trained fire protection specialist should ensure:

  • The extinguisher is topped up and ready to use in the event of a fire.
  • That the pull pin is secured and the tamper seal is intact.
  • There is no damage to the extinguisher including rust, corrosion, cracks or dents in the container.
  • Correct instruction labelling has been placed on the extinguisher.

By law all fire extinguishers should be serviced regularly. Failure to do this puts lives at risk as extinguishers may not work when they are needed and can even potentially be dangerous if not properly maintained.

Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems

It is a British Standard that all fire alarm systems must be maintained regularly with routine checks. For premises with a high risk this may need to be carried out more frequently. All testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems must be done by a fully qualified professional.

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Training your staff to be vigilant and aware of fire safety helps prevent fires from breaking out in the first place. No matter the size of your company, as an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that all employees know what to do in the event of a fire and how to use basic fire fighting equipment safely.

Fire Risk Assessments

All premises need to have a fire risk assessment undertaken by a professional to identify possible fire threats and how to address these. This is now a legal requirement, and is essential in minimizing fire risks to help prevent fires from starting and save lives.



Euro Fire Protection in our opinion at Collier & Madge Property Management carry out a first class service on all fire equipment for numerous properties and annual back-flow prevention for our company on properties across London and the South East of England.

I personally have been doing business with Euro Fire Protection for the past 7 years and have found their staff to be courteous and helpful and it is a pleasure working with all at Euro Fire Protection.

Euro Fire have always arrived to jobs when they have promised and have carried out excellent work in a timely and efficient manner for Collier & Madge.

As a person responsible for approximately 20 properties I would personally and professionally recommend Euro Fire Protection to anyone with highest regard.

Simon Panes, Collier & Madge