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Fire Extinguisher Supply

A crucial piece of fire protection equipment for any type of building, Euro Fire Protection provide all types of fire extinguishers.

Whether for an office, commercial building or special event, our fire extinguishers can halt potentially critical situations involving fire. For further advice, call us to arrange a FREE site survey for the most suitable extinguishers for you.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

Fire extinguishers should undergo regular annual maintenance to ensure complete functionality. Euro Fire Protection offers a full fire extinguisher maintenance service, including emergency call outs, ensuring that your extinguishers will work  in the event of a fire. Our guaranteed fixed costing plan helps you set future budgets more accurately.

All maintenance and repairs will be strictly carried out in line with the current British Standard BS5306-3 ie. general servicing of the appliance, greasing and making free all moving parts and firing mechanism, internal and external inspection to ensure no corrosion is present, topping up fluids where foam and water types are concerned and check the weight of CO2 and dry powders to ensure that no loss has occurred to either the cylinders or the cartridges.

A self adhesive label is affixed to each extinguisher showing the condition of that extinguisher, details of the work carried out and the date on which the inspection was made.

A certificate is left following each visit, also giving details of the extinguishers examined and work carried out.

All Euro Fire Protection engineers have completed the Fire Extinguishers Trade Association (F.E.T.A) examination and are registered under the BAFE extinguisher technician scheme.

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"Euro Fire Protection have consistently provided a high level of service within a tight set of contractual requirements. Their ability to respond in a timely manner with professional, well educated engineers is a comfort to us all."

Vicky Young, Pinnacle PSG