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Fire Safety Education in Croydon Pays off

Number of fires In Croydon falls by a quarter

Figures released recently by London Fire Brigade reveal that the number of fires in Croydon has fallen by over a quarter in the last 5 years.

These welcome statistics for local residents and business owners show, that joint efforts between the local community, emergency services and fire safety specialists to educate on preventing fires is paying off.

The Croydon Advertiser reported that between April 2014-15 there were 825 fires in the borough, which is significantly lower than figures from 2010-11, during which there were 1,145 fires reported.

Education is vital to reduce the risk of fires

David Landridge, LFB’s Croydon borough commander praised the efforts of those involved and commented that over the past few years ‘huge progress’ had been made in ‘educating people about the importance of fire safety.’

The story is very different from just four years ago in 2010-11 when Croydon was shamed for having the highest incidence of serious fires and arson in London, way above the capital’s average.

During this period, Croydon’s fire fighters were called out to 638 serious fires and 204 deliberate fires, which sparked the rethink in how to deal with the root causes of fires in the borough. LFB began holding a series of open days with the local community in an effort to educate on the causes of fires.

False alarms still more than double number of fires

In 2010-11 there were 118 malicious or hoax call outs to London Fire Brigade, recent figures from last year show this to have fallen to just 45.

Although the number of malicious false alarms is at an all-time low, still more has to be done to reduce this total, which more than doubles the number of actual fires. Again, education is the key to reducing false alarms.

Measures to tackle unnecessary fire brigade call outs

The top causes of non-malicious false alarms include human error, system errors, poor fire alarm maintenance and systems that automatically trigger call outs. Measures to reduce wasted calls have been taken by some fire services with some now no longer attending automatic call outs during the day unless a fire has been confirmed.

Persistent offenders have also been hit by hefty fines for unnecessary call outs, so it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have an appropriate fire alarm system installed on your premises, with proper maintenance so that faults do not cause false activations.

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Interactive Map of Fires in Croydon

Last month The Croydon Advertiser produced an interactive map to display the locations of fires in the Croydon borough over the past three years.

The map was based on official data from London Fire Brigade’s incident reports concerning all non-domestic fires, including vehicle fires in the borough. This gives a fascinating insight into the areas that have the most call outs and the most common types of fires that occur.

It shows that between 1st January 2009 and 30th September 2012 there were 4,766 non domestic fires in Croydon, with car and refuse fires being the top reason for a fire brigade call out. Non-domestic fires are any fires that do not occur in the home. This covers a wide range of premises including businesses, public buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, vehicles and more.

A detailed breakdown is provided on the types of vehicles that have caught fire, with coaches and buses being the second biggest cause of vehicle fires in Croydon after cars.

Identifying potential problem types can help fire safety groups to target future fire safety campaigns in these areas, to attempt to reduce the numbers of non-domestic fires that occur. It also allows fire safety professionals the opportunity to look into reasons as to why a greater number of fires of these types are occurring and helps to find potential solutions.

One of the best methods to reduce the number of fires breaking out in the borough, is by providing more fire safety education to teach people how to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

Of course not all fires are preventable, but by following fire safety guidelines and installing working fire protection equipment you can dramatically reduce the chances of a fire. Also if a fire does break out, this will help you to reduce the potential impact and cost to property and lives.

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